The Eighth International Scientific Conference
"Tourism and green investments"


Tourism and green investments

31st May - 1st June 2024


The objective of the Tourism International Scientific Conference- TISC, "Tourism and green investments", organized by the Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism in Vrnjačka Banja, University of Kragujevac, to be held 31st May- 1st June 2024 in Vrnjačka Banja, refers to the transformation of tourism with green investment and unlocking hidden opportunities. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism industry has changed and searched for more sustainable business solutions than before the pandemic.

Since the tourism industry is highlighted as an important source of stress for the environment the basic idea of the Conference is to provide insights into the current tourism issues and forecast the trends of transition transform from the linear principle of business into a circular economy. Increased awareness of people about the environmental, cultural, and economic effects of tourism on destinations has caused the emergence of a sustainable approach to tourism management both in theory and practice. Furthermore, to preserve biodiversity for future generations and insure the authones varibities for preparation of gastronomy, food and beverage product. There is an ongoing debate in the academic community at the global level on how to respond to increasing challenges in tourism. Hence, the 8th Tourism International Scientific Conference will aim to reveal the future of tourism and the conditions in which tourist trips will be realized in the years to come, while minimizing negative effects on the environment. Therefore, this event is seen as a great opportunity to exchange experiences and widen the knowledge regarding the challenges that tourism is facing and those that are yet to come.

In achieving the aforementioned Conference objectives, we highly encourage contributions of academics and practitioners in the fields of tourism, economics, management, law, urban planning, sociology, demography, geography, both from Serbia and other countries. The organizer intends to open the debate on the future role of the circular economy in tourism industy, new skills of tourism worker, biomenagment of resources, gastronomy tourism etc. It is expected that Conference discussion will not only provide the answers to ongoing debates but also encourage new ones, with the aim of enhance tourism-related theory and practice.


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