• Jelena Vapa-Tankosić Faculty of Economics and Engineering, Management, Novi Sad
  • Svetlana Ignjatijević Faculty of Economics and Engineering, Management, Novi Sad


Medical Tourism, as one of the main components of international trade in health, has an increasing importance for the developing countries. Medical tourism attracts the attention of many actors of the medical profession, medical tourism facilitators, medical tourism agencies, health analysts and policy makers. Key criteria in selecting specific destinations for medical tourism are primarily the quality and the price of medical services, the accreditation of the facilities, its equipment as well as the attractiveness of the location in terms of tourism. The purpose of the research is exploratory and policy oriented. It is based on predictions of the theoretical literature findings and subsequent analysis of over 78 portals specialized in medical tourism. The questions raised refer to role of government, credibility, ethical concept, content information and internet marketing strategy. Research results point out to the need for further research and development of the national framework on on-line medical tourism information providers in the Republic of Serbia.


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