• Jelena Tepavčević Vrbas
  • Nataša Gršić Subotica
Keywords: Subotica, the local population, attitudes of population


Subotica as the most northern city of the Republic of Serbia and the city that is the main transit point to all travelers, has many attractions that can be included in its tourist offer and, therefore, in tourism development, too. The way in which this will be carried out partly depends on residents of Subotica. The local population plays a significant role in its development. It is important to know the opinion of residents who would directly or indirectly be involved in the development of tourism. The basic method is a review and the use of the existing literature, but the method which is provided for data collection is a method of survey after which the resulting data will be processed in the software package SPSS version 20. Methods of processing data are: descriptive statistical analysis, t-test, analysis of variance ANOVA. The expected results should provide a valid picture of the attitudes of the local population regarding the further development of Subotica as a tourist destination.


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