• Milena Cvetković Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade, Belgrade
  • Sara Stanić Jovanović Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade, Belgrade
Keywords: profile of Chinese tourists, tourism development


With a population of over one billion, China is one of the largest countries in the world that generates tourists. Although the development of Chinese outbound tourism is a relatively recent phenomenon, China has quickly become a major tourist generative market. Chinese outbound tourism provides a number of business opportunities for foreign tourist destinations– not only in the number of visitors, but also in the incredible income from Chinese tourists. Chinese tourists are known as the biggest consumers of luxury goods. Today, the perspective that they bring is valuable and special attention is given to the needs and habits of Chinese tourists in the global tourist market. Both the economy and culture of a particular country benefits from that, because there is growing mutual understanding. According to some estimates, the Chinese will travel more in the future and they are a new hope for the international tourism industry. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the profile of Chinese tourists using theory and research that are relevant to this topic, which also represents the recommendations for the holders of tourism industry development in our country for penetrating the Chinese tourist market and receptive tourism development in Serbia.


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