• Tatjana Cvetkov Čikošev NIS a.d. Lubricants’ Division, Marketing Department, Belgrade
Keywords: Tourism, Travel Agency, Management, Service, Development, Serbia


Tourism today is one of the determinants of global economy with high impact on the economic growth and development of both global and local economies. Under the influence of changes on the global tourism market, the way companies are managed and tourism are constantly changing and adapting to change. The subject of this paper is learning about the current situation of the tourism market in Serbia, with special attention to management approaches. Research results are supposed to give recommendation related to modalities of supply management in contemporary travel agencies, as well as to show appropriate strategic answers for travel agencies in Serbia in order to reach competitiveness. In this paper attention will be placed on marketing approach in supply management, technology integration and processes, as well as on the needs of potential guests, both local and foreign.


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