• Tanja Kaurin Faculty of Law and Business Studies dr Lazar Vrkatić, Novi Sad
  • Milorad Kilibarda University of Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering


Today the supply of tourist centres and destinations takes place through supply chains that connect different suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, logistics companies, and tourism and hospitality. The main task and objective of the supply chain is to deliver the right products and services to the right place at the right time in the right quality and at acceptable costs. To fulfil the said objectives and tasks, it is necessary to manage all processes and activities in the supply chain. Effective management cannot be imagined without the use of modern information technology and systems. The objective of this paper is to present in detail new information and logistics solutions that are used in the process of selling products and services, i.e. the supply of tourism and hospitality systems. Different solutions based on sensor technologies and devices, RFID technology and barcode systems, which are used for the identification and monitoring of processes, activities and products in various stages of the supply chain, will be presented. The application of information technology and systems ensures cost efficiency monitoring and increases visibility and security of supply chains in tourism.


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