• Bojan Kocić Business school of applied studies, Blace
  • Oliver Popović Business school of applied studies, Blace


Globalization and the changes that have affected the world economy conditioned the development of new models of thinking, investing, trading and payment methods in the world economy. The end of XX and beginning of the XXI century was marked by rapid technological progress, which has not bypassed any economic sector, and all households have experienced the change. Cryptocurrencies represent a new model of trade and payments, but also a way of making some form of earnings. It is a form of property that is used as a digital asset exchange using cryptographic algorithms for "mining" new values, but also as a way of ensuring the security of transactions in a given system. It is still early for assessments. However, the future might show what kind of impact would this kind of payment have, as well as its impact on tourism development.


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