• Alexandru Manole „ARTIFEX” University of Bucharest, Economu Cezărescu Street no. 47, Bucharest
  • Andrei Buiga „ARTIFEX” University of Bucharest, Economu Cezărescu Street no. 47, Bucharest
Keywords: tourism, expenses, average, accommodation, transport, domestic


In this paper, the authors consider the evaluation of Romania’s position within the European context, from the viewpoint of tourism-related indicators. The research focuses on datasets for Romania, European Union and Luxembourg (selected because of the country’s prominence in the hierarchy related to the indicator “Average expenditure per trip by expenditure categories” and pursues a series of benchmarks between the three datasets. The data are extracted from Eurostat online database, which presents the values across a series of dimensions, which are capitalized by the authors to fit in the best manner to the purpose of the analysis. The methods used in the study are based on statistical analysis on the structure and evolution of the selected indicators. Our conclusions, in the case of each indicator, outline the different behavior of the values, supported by differences in the situation of the respective measures.


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