• Pero Petrović Institute of International Politics and Economics, Research Professor
  • Stevan Barović University Alfa BK, Belgrade
Keywords: tourism, tourism consumption, economic impact, development


In the present conditions, Serbia is ahead of the choice of development model and economic growth. The object of this paper is to look at the place and role of tourism in general economic development. The aim of the paper is to present the facts that tourism in Serbia still does not take adequate treatment in strategy and development models. Serbia with no doubt has the quality of the basic for the development of tourism. Natural attractions, as well as the established level of accommodations and other facilities refers to the fact that Serbia can develop many types of tourism, especially if it is taken into account the spatial diversity of Serbian natural resources. These resources offer opportunities for practicing a variety of sports and recreational activities (in the winter and summer season), as well as recovery and rehabilitation, and engaging in hunting and fishing and other activities related to staying in a number of destinations (points, areas) in Serbia.


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