• Tatjana Cvetkovski Faculty of Business Studies, Belgrade
  • Ana Langović Milićević Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism in Vrnjačka Banja, Vrnjačka Banja
Keywords: tourism, training, China, EU, tourism sector


Having in mind the steady and rapid growth of the tourism sector and number of tourists in the world, it is especially important for Serbia to invest in this sector and to adapt its offer to the different demands of tourists coming from the local and global environment. A large number of Chinese people and middle-class growth in China are certainly some of the reasons why Chinese tourists in the world are gaining increasing importance. The benefits of those tourists have been felt by all countries that have managed to attract them, such as Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, America and several destinations in Europe, including Spain, Great Britain, Italy and France. Although in Serbia the number of tourists from China is not large, this number is growing significantly year after year. One of the reasons is a visa-free regime, but that should not have to be the only reason. Serbia must seriously engage in a race for tourists from China.


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