• Milena Jokanović (Gnjatović) Center for Museums and Heritage, Department of Art History, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade
Keywords: museum tourism, museum image, museum audience building, Museum of Yugoslavia


Since a museum has developed from the institution which is dedicated to selection, preservation and presentation of objects to the one willing to communicate, educate and extend the audience, the museum tourism has become really important branch of cultural tourism. There are many theoretical perspectives of how to build the image of a museum, how to develop its audience nowadays and many mechanisms of museum management which show this theory functioning very well practically. Still, when it comes to the region of ex Yugoslav countries, there are many heritage spots which are floating in the limbo of shifted ideologies that once where spaces of the ruler’s representation and magnification and today are more or less successfully being converted into particular museums. Museum of Yugoslavia in Belgrade, an institution still linked to Josip Broz Tito in public discourse due to its position and collection, is maybe the most illustrative example to research how, through complete image building, new mission and vision, new name, new interpretation of inherited collection and new setting development, one place of memory and political happenings is being converted to a contemporary museum. In this paper, all the challenges of the new museum audience and programs building will be followed on this quite unique example of the (re)construction of the Museum of Yugoslavia.


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