• Jean Vasile Andrei Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiești, B-dul Bucuresti, No.39, Ploiesti, Prahova
  • Iuliana Denisa Radulescu Constantin Brâncuşi University of Targu-Jiu, Faculty of Law Sciences Law
Keywords: agriculture, agri-environmental measures, organic farming, crops, agricultural area


Modern agriculture has become during the years a proactive economic branch, with a traditional impact on European Union economic system and direct implications on creating wealth and stability for the rural communities and assuring the macro-stability as well. The massive transformations of the agricultural system in the recent period have imposed new approaches in valuing the agricultural potential. In this context, the agri-environmental measures represent a new possibility for the agriculture in increasing the value added and reforming the rural communities. The main aim of the paper is undertaking a short survey on some of the influences of the agricultural agri-environmental measures and the agriculture perspectives in the larger context of the green agriculture. It considers the values incorporated in agri-environmental measures for 2013 and targets for 2020.


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