• Branislav Živkovic Technical School Žagubica
  • Goran Maksimović University of Priština, Faculty of Agriculture, Lešak
Keywords: rural tourism, strategic management, management model


Rural tourism is a serious factor in the development of rural areas. This is also supported by global developments in which mass tourism is increasingly losing its dynamism in collision with the coming individualism in choosing the type of destination and travel model. Ecology, culture, identity of destinations active attitude towards holiday and recreation, new forms and contents of the offer, theme parks and health are some of the trends in differentiating tourist interests. In these and this kind of conditions rural tourism encounters growing developmental, marketing, managerial and economic difficulties in its development. This requires finding an appropriate model of rural tourism, management which would be based primarily on the sustainable development of rural areas. This study aims to point out a possible model of strategic management of the development of rural tourism.


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