• Nikola Vidović Military academy – University of Defence
  • Hatidža Beriša Military academy – University of Defence
Keywords: development, Serbia, tourism, farmsteads, perspectives, financial analysis


Farmsteads, as an innovative form of rural tourism, represent an important segment of the Serbian economy, providing tourist products and services to consumers, both domestic and foreign. The economic contribution of farmsteads in rural tourism is valued through activity in terms of efficiency and economy of operations, quality and competitiveness of tourist offer available to users.

The paper focuses on the valorization of the influence of the farmsteads’ tourist offer on the economic development of the Republic of Serbia and the analysis of the economic potential of the development of products and services in actual resource capacities. Through the indicators of ratio analysis, their real economic position is shown.

Identifying similarities and differences the performance of the analyzed farmsteads from the area of Vojvodina within the time interval 2014-2016 will highlight positive examples and perspectives for the further sustainable development of rural tourism.


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