• Ancuța Marin Institute for Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Bucharest
  • Steliana Rodino University of Economic Studies, Piata Romana, Bucharest, Romania
Keywords: public-private partnership, rural development, Romania


Planning a community development is a natural approach aimed at increasing the quality of life and improving living conditions of citizens. However, the development of a community cannot be conceived in the absence of a vision on the directions to which the community wants and and is able to go. The National Development Plan (PND) is a concept specific to the European economic and social cohesion policy, meant to provide a coherent and stable conception regarding the development of the member states of the EU. This concept was practically transposed into development priorities, programs and projects, in accordance with the programming principle of structural funds. In this paper, we will present aspects regarding the PND and what this has meant from the point of view of accessing the European funds for the development of rural areas in Romania, and the potential of tourism for development of their economy.


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