• Branko Mihailović Institute of Agricultural Economics, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Vesna Popović Institute of Agricultural Economics, Belgrade
Keywords: promotion, rural areas, branding, agri-food products, tourism, rural tourism


This paper explores the possibilities of promoting rural areas of the Braničevo Danube region, primarily through the branding of agri-food products. Accordingly, the aim of the paper is to perform a market analysis to select the products with the highest potential to represent the BP region. The purpose of this product selection is to connect them with territory and people in order to enhance the tourism potential of the Branicevo-Danube (BD) region. The methodology is based on the market research conducted in the period December 2018-January 2019, when 67 agricultural producers surveyed in the area of the BP region were engaged in the production and processing of agri-food products. Also, we used indicators of the BD region for the analysis of the situation and the selection of perspective agri-food products with added value. The results of the research showed that the three most promising sectors in the BP region in the field of agri-food production are: 1. Vegetable and fruit processing, 2. Beekeeping and 3. Milk processing.


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